In order to protect your safety in response to the threats of COVID-19, we are offering our clients the ability to meet with us through telephone and video conferencing. As directed by Governor Baker, our North Reading office is closed, however, you may reach us by phone or email at any time. We want all of our clients, current and future, to know that we are available to them, especially during this time when estate planning is critical to properly protect their home and other assets from medical and other potential future costs. We are keeping our website and Facebook page up to date as we learn more about the financial relief offered by new federal legislation. We encourage you to take the time to think about your future and reach out to us so that we may provide you with the best resources to guide you during this time of uncertainty.

Roberta A. Schreiber, P.C.


Reverse Mortgages - Pros and Cons If you believe Fred Thompson and Henry Winkler in the TV ads for reverse mortgages, they are too good to be true. While a reverse mortgage is a good option for some low income seniors who need funds for living expenses, it is not the...